Nebenan.De – A Huge Success

Customer’s story is a platform that offers its customers to effectively broadcast to and connect with the right targeted audience on a hyperlocal level. It has over 1,8mil users all throughout Germany that can connect with each other via the platform, with ⅓ of them using only Nebenan as a social network to connect with others.

After Romania Insider, another happy client of ours saw how well we performed both on local and international markets, they referred us to Nebenan. 

Customer’s goal

At that point Nebenan was looking for advertisers that wanted to reach their hyperlocal audience, both German and International. They wanted to build relationships with both Planning and Buying agencies as well as with prospects who were in-house CMOs at the advertisers. 

Strategy and execution

As Nebenan was targeting mainly German advertisers on the German market, we decided to use the German language for our outreach and A/B test it with English. German proved to be more effective when it came to booking meetings with potential advertisers. Media is a strong niche for us, so targeting and a copy was a walk in the park. 


Our campaigns ran for 3 months and we delivered leads that eventually converted to deals of €14 000 during the campaign and much more in the pipeline. As with every LinkedIn campaign, the connections we make for our clients are still valuable for the business and can be approached again in the future.

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