8 Tips to Generate Quality B2B leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn undoubtedly is one of the most extensive business networking and recruitment venues in the world. The platform can help you develop your professional network by providing an online place to build your connection with other professionals.

Yet, how do you make the most out of LinkedIn? This article will explore eight incredible tips to generate leads on LinkedIn.

1. Have something valuable to offer

That is the most common problem you can see among LinkedIn advertisers. Every business believes that what they offer is extraordinary but is it? Although you have a quality product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to sell it. First, you need to build a good relationship with your clients to effortlessly sell your product or service.

How can you do that? You can offer a demo of your software to cold prospecting audiences but make sure it brings value to them. No matter what campaign you use, if the offer/content you provide isn’t valuable, nobody will want it. 

Have you ever tried having a LinkedIn lead generation ad with an ebook offer? You might want to consider it. This package could include anything from an industry report or a list of common problems your customers face and solutions, sometimes even without your product. 

Find out what your potential clients need and deliver it to them for the low price of filling one lead generation.

2. To follow up on leads immediately, integrate your CRM

Did you know that you could integrate your CRM with LinkedIn? Yes. While you export your leads manually, why don’t you try integrating your CRM as well? That will make your life easier for two simple reasons.

The first reason is that it saves you the time to log in and manually export leads daily. These B2B leads can also work their way into your nurture flow immediately. The moment the user fills in the form, they become part of your follow-up sequence.

*Keep in mind that linking your CRM with LinkedIn depends on the platform you use.

3. Treat lead generation text fields as a landing page

The confirmation page is the most important page on your website. As you create landing pages, make sure to spend enough time on your form content to make it attractive and catchy.

Your potential users decide if they are willing to share their information in return for what you can offer them. If they don’t want to, you won’t get any benefits.

Do you properly use the “Offer Headline” and “Offer Details” sections of your lead generation form? Those two should inform the user about the benefits they will receive by filling out the form. After all, you have a limited amount of text, so make sure to be concise but still appealing. It’s simple, right?

4. Balance volume and amount

Like any other form, it is vital to find the right balance between how many responses you want and the questions you ask. Did you know that the more questions you ask, the fewer form fills you get?

That’s true, but don’t worry. The reality is that too many people focus on filling out forms quickly without considering the lead quality. That’s true, but don’t worry. Do you want to get quality leads? Then it’s time to organize your form questions to eliminate lower quality users.

How can you obtain higher-quality leads? You may want to use the custom questions feature to your advantage. Custom questions are a fantastic way to collect first-party information. Yet, try to force the user to enter something independently, not “autofill” answers.

Maybe you are out for a volume play? Then you should try to limit the number of questions you ask.

5. Ways for users to access their information

It is essential to offer something that the user might want to read right at that moment. Or it could also be something they don’t have the time to read right now but wish to grab for later. The best you can do is give them different materials that will engage them with your business.

First, give the URL of your website (if it is applicable) and the landing site URL in the Confirmation. We discussed this above. If they need the content immediately, they can click the URL to get it.

Your CRM can email them another way to get back in touch, regardless of whether they are interested in the content. Even if the email is a brief note saying, “Here’s an industry report you requested.” it can make a big difference for them to keep coming back to the information. That’s why you might want to continue using it as an educational source and build stronger relationships for the future.

6. Increase your LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

After your personal and company pages are ready to go, it’s time to begin building your networks.

You should remember one important fact. It is easy to make hundreds of connections just by randomly sending out requests to peers. However, this approach will not result in genuine prospects/followers and will certainly not increase your engagement levels.

It is crucial to have a lot of relevant connections that engage with your posts. Your references should be connected in a way to your posts. Your network will share the post and engage with it. 

That will allow you to reach more of their connections and grow your organic presence. Maybe you can generate some quality leads this way.

Try to keep in mind to focus your energy on the “quality” of the connections you make. The “quantity” of followers you have on these platforms is only to show off. 

7. Share Industry-relevant Content

You need to be consistent in sharing and posting meaningful content to build a strong brand presence on LinkedIn. Your consistency will build a strong authority for your brand within the industry that won’t stay unnoticed.

You’ll sooner or later get the recognition you want by your target audience as an expert and credible source of information.

LinkedIn allows you to create posts with images, videos, documents, or both. That gives you a way to express your creativity and share information in all possible ways.

You can publish case studies, research reports, and other insights about your products and services. These articles rank well in search engines, which can be a great advantage for attracting new audiences and generating leads.

8. Share video posts on LinkedIn company profiles

As I mentioned, LinkedIn company page posts are not organically reachable, but they give a particular highlight for video posts on your company pages. Let’s see how this works.

You can go to Microsoft’s LinkedIn page, and you will see a section called “Posts” at the top of the page feed. If you want to see all the videos on the page, visitors can click the “See All Videos” button.

You probably know how much people enjoy videos. Then why don’t you use this feature to educate your customers about your products and services? It seems like a good idea, right? You can try it out and see the results for yourself.

Even though I can’t promise that you will get new leads by sharing videos on the plat, you can give more information and engage your audience once they visit your company page.

Bonus Tip

Do you want to get more people to join your network? Make sure that the information on your profile is helpful and relevant to your target audience. 

You can add content such as tips and guides to provide something new and interesting for your readers. You can also post information about the types of services that you offer in your business. That will draw in potential clients.

The last piece of information that you should include in your profile is your professional goals and objectives. That can give you an idea of how targeted your LinkedIn contacts are and whether or not you will meet those goals. It will also show your potential peers that you are on the same wavelength.

If you provide value, these contacts will want to connect with you on a more personal level. That can turn into many leads, so if you do not feel comfortable providing information that may seem biased, it is okay to leave it off.

Questions and Answers

*What is LinkedIn lead generation? Those are all activities that help you to identify and cultivate potential customers.

*Should I use LinkedIn lead generation strategies? Yes, you should if you want to get the best out of LinkedIn practices and stand out from the crowd.

* How can I find out more about LinkedIn lead generation tools? You can find more about them in our article B2B lead generation for small businesses – Tips and Tricks

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