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We’ve managed to generate 180 leads for 4 months, 139 from them from LinkedIn and 41 from email. Those resulted in 26 calls and an ROI of 372% 

372% ROI

"Amazing team, amazing results, amazing collaboration"

Volker Moser

Our campaigns ran for 3 months and we delivered leads that eventually converted to a deal(s) of €14 000 during the campaign and much more in the pipeline. As with every LinkedIn campaign the connections we make for our clients are still valuable for the business and can be approached again in the future.

€14 000 Generated

"Lukanoff Consulting were extremely professional in their approach and brought tangible revenue to our business"

Marco Weber


For the first 5 months of working together, we managed to deliver 110 leads and to generate numerous closed deals for Dopamine. They are still a happy client as we continue reaching out to their big total addressable market. Apart from helping them with lead generation for sales meetings, we helped them score meetings with potential investors such as Sequoia Capital and close 30% of their round thanks to us.

Dozens of closed deals

"Absolutely love working with Lukanoff Consulting. We totally forget about lead generation and just get on hot sales calls! They also helped us get infront of tons of investors for our round."

Cyril ₿ Chadé

Study Abroad

– For the period of three months we generated 139 leads which turned into 38 meetings and 11 won deals.
– We also consulted Study Abroad how to increase their prices so they can make the most of each deal.
– Study Abroad realised an immediate ROI of 253% on their initial investment with us.
– Study Abroad also built a strong pipeline and database which continued long after our joint collaboration.

Thanks to our work with Study Abroad we managed to perfect our outreach skills when it comes to quickly finding the ideal target and the ideal copy. We also streamlined internal processes of lead handling and qualification.

253%+ ROI
Dessie Pencheva (1)

"Lukanoff Consulting are absolute professionals when it comes to online media and lead generation. They filled our pipeline with meetings quickly, something that would have taken us tons of resources internally. "

Dessislava Pencheva

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