Client’s story

Dopamine app is one of the TOP 5 most downloaded cryptocurrency apps in the world, with over 1M downloads and 300K active users. Because of the nature of their business and the fast-growing crypto market, we were confident that we can bring them additional revenue with the right strategy.

Client’s goal

Despite being quite successful already, Dopamine felt they didn’t have the needed expertise and know-how to carry out lead generation campaigns on their own. We helped them reach C-level executives, as they were looking for
advertisers on their platform, as well as investors in the project. 

Strategy and execution

After understanding their business model in-depth, we decided that doing email outreach would be the most effective strategy for Dopamine. We were positive that we would achieve good results from the beginning, as we noticed very good open, click-through, and reply rates of the campaigns.  

Before launching the campaign, we made sure to do extensive research on what their ideal target audience would be, what kind of people we need to target, and what would be the most compelling copy to catch their attention. 

Analyzing each campaign helps us improve in every aspect of the process.


For the first 5 months of working together, we managed to deliver 110 leads and generate numerous closed deals for Dopamine. They are still a happy client as we continue reaching out to their big total addressable market. Apart from helping them with lead generation for sales meetings, we helped them score meetings with potential investors such as Sequoia Capital and close 30% of their round thanks to us.

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