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Customer’s story

RI is the largest English news and features platform in Romania with over 3.5mln unique visitors. After having a successful record of working with clients in the media industry, we reached out to RI as we saw an opportunity to add value to their business. And we were right – RI had the capacity to attract more businesses that are interested in being represented on their platform.

Customer’s goal

RI’s goal was to get on more sales calls with interested prospects and overall achieve a positive ROI after the end of the campaigns. Their ideal target was Media Planning and Buying agencies in Romania and Big European advertisers interested in Romania and their business audience.

Strategy and execution

After evaluating the business model of RI, we built an elaborate strategy, consisting of LinkedIn and email outreach. Our goal was to book sales calls with relevant prospects, and in order to do that, we had to use precise targeting on both platforms. An important aspect of running a successful campaign is regular monitoring and optimizing where needed. After every campaign we ran, we took our time to analyze the results and to quickly notice if something is failing to deliver, while we put extra effort in what proved to work. That data helped us to improve our target audience, our copy and to dig even deeper in the industry.


In LinkedIn, the connections stay regardless if they were turned into calls – they can be contacted again in the future; they expand the professional network of the client
RI was so happy that they’re referred our services to another one of our clients,
We’ve managed to generate 180 leads for 4 months, 139 from them from LinkedIn and 41 from email. Those resulted in 26 calls and an ROI of 372%

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