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At Lukanoff Consulting, despite being a relatively young agency, we know that different approaches work for different businesses. This is why we constantly try to improve and diversify our services, so we can deliver you high quality sales meetings!


Chatbots have proven extremely useful in capturing vital information from the people visiting your website. With the rapid development of AI and natural language processing, chatbots are already really good at human interaction, plus you do not need a team member to monitor the chat 24/7. Our chatbot can mimic human behaviour and interaction and capture more from your website asset!

As we focus on smart automations, chatbots are our cup of tea. Long gone are the days of hard work with human errors. We set up custom flows that use your language and capture your brand’s tone of voice to generate the most amount of B2B leads with your current traffic.

The sales chatbot is a must especially when we run PPC+Retargeting campaigns as we wanna make sure that we utilise all the traffic that we will be driving to your website. It is a much more efficient way to collect information than your typical website forms as people are used to chatting and getting instant interaction.

And with setup and optimisations included, that’s less channels and tools to worry about. Just plug and start collecting more leads.

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