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At Lukanoff Consulting, despite being a relatively young agency, we know that different approaches work for different businesses. This is why we constantly try to improve and diversify our services, so we can deliver you high quality sales meetings!


When it comes to long term lead generation, organic traffic is one of the most important methods you can use!

Organic is all traffic that comes to your website and you haven’t paid for. The best way to achieve it is through inbound marketing and SEO traffic, by creating engaging videos and blog posts. The optimal length for blog posts is 1500 to 2000 words and you should ideally be posting 10 articles every month. But it is not simply scribbling down words you have to be very precise with your articles to make them keyword optimised, value driven and engaging. And it takes a lot of time. Plus these high quality articles can be distributed all over other channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, etc. So if you are not a wordsmith let us handle your content and boost your rankings.

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