Our Services

At Lukanoff Consulting, despite being a relatively young agency, we know that different approaches work for different businesses. This is why we constantly try to improve and diversify our services, so we can deliver you high quality sales meetings!

Email Outreach

To reach your dream prospects via email, we make sure to create a lookalike domain and create a mailbox for you, from where we carry out all outbound emails for your campaign. We do so in order to protect your main domain’s reputation and to ensure that the cold emails reach the inboxes of the prospects. 


We take care of all the boring technical details (setting your DNS records, warming up the mailbox) and we make sure to provide lists of verified contacts from our database from over 200 million prospects. We apply all the relevant filters in order to build the best list for you and monitor your mailbox daily. We send the relevant responses back to you so you can get on a call and win that business!

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