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At Lukanoff Consulting, despite being a relatively young agency, we know that different approaches work for different businesses. This is why we constantly try to improve and diversify our services, so we can deliver you high quality sales meetings!


The easiest way to understand retargeting is thinking of it as the process of actively targeting people who visited your website but didn’t complete any actions. Those are people that are aware of your brand, they have a certain interest and all that is left is to nudge them in the right direction!

We use pixel technology to help you interact with those people. It’s a bespoke solution, specifically designed for B2B companies. Using metadata from different sources, we can identify the people who interact with your website and show them retargeted ads. You can even target whole departments or companies, instead of single individuals.

Simply reaching out to those prospects won’t be enough, so when you combine this technology with the right marketing message and super relevant targeting, you’ll be achieving the most out of your campaigns!

Even if those people don’t choose to buy from you straight away, retargeting can ensure you’ll stay in front of them even when they’ve left your website. This way to increase your chances of being their first choice once they need your product or service!

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