Study Abroad

Client’s story

Dessislava Pencheva from Study Abroad reached out to us by a referral from our client Yordan Angelov from 3D BG Print. Study Abroad is an online and print magazine that focuses on providing content for Bulgarian students who want to study abroad. Due to Brexit and Covid19 requests from advertisers had slowed down a bit so Dessislava reached out to us to help her get more meetings with the Marketing Directors of universities and private schools. 

Client’s goal

Study Abroad’s goal was to increase revenue through more online meetings with advertisers. As the business is quite specific we focused on outreach campaigns via LinkedIn and Email. 

Strategy and execution

Our hypothesis was that we had to reach out to different decision-makers as quite often educational institutions have several stakeholders when it comes to making the decision to advertise. We also hypothesized that this market needs a very clear copy that is straightforward which can be circulated internally. 

Looking at the data of the campaign we quickly found out which were the relevant titles of decision-makers and quickly shifted the focus to them. Furthermore, we kept an open line of communication with Study Abroad and found out that boarding schools have more budget and take quicker decisions. Hence, we focused on these prospects and the results were tremendous.


  • For the period of three months we generated 139 leads which turned into 38 meetings and 11 won deals. 
  • We also consulted Study Abroad how to increase their prices so they can make the most of each deal. 
  • Study Abroad realised an immediate ROI of 253% on their initial investment with us. 
  • Study Abroad also built a strong pipeline and database which continued long after our joint collaboration. 

Thanks to our work with Study Abroad we managed to perfect our outreach skills when it comes to quickly finding the ideal target and the ideal copy. We also streamlined internal processes of lead handling and qualification. 

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