I help digital businesses to generate more leads and customers through social selling.

Sales and only sales brings money into a business.
Everything else costs money.

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There are many ways to convert a stranger into a paying customer. Whether it's cold calling, email outreach or LinkedIn Social Selling, I excel in every aspect of selling. I will pick the right strategy for your product or service and we will generate tons of revenue. Everything is tailor-made to your needs. So take action and get in touch below! 

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Jon Seymour

Sales Director of Startups.co.uk

Startups.co.uk was just bought by MVF as we had acquired great customers but we needed revenue from new business. This is why we brought Matthew in on a 6-month contract to win new accounts.

In the 6-month period, Matthew brought over £108,000 worth of revenue from entirely new business. That was a 37% increase in revenue for the portfolio. The accounts Matthew won included Virgin Media, Vodafone, Google, GoCardless, UK2 among others.

I highly recommend Matthew as he delivers impactful results and builds great client relationships. He is an absolute joy to work with and brings a great atmosphere in the team.

Some other happy clients

When Matthew came on board we were a small team. We needed manpower and results. Matthew quickly found the right sales executives to help our team grow to 14 sales reps. He concluded training and lead the team by example. 

For the 3 month period he was commissioned, Matthew brought over £65,000 worth of revenue from hundreds of clients. He simply has a natural talent for closing clients on the phone

His spirit contributed to the competitive but friendly environment in the office we wanted to create. I cannot recommend Matthew enough! 

Tom Zohar, Head of Sales at GRB

Before I came across Lukanoff Consulting and Matthew who was recommended to me, I had used another sales consultancy. However, they lacked a structure and didn’t bring any demos or meetings for four months.

Matthew came in and quickly created a powerful strategy. Our average time for a demo was 6+ months but Matthew booked 5 demos and 3 meetings within the first 3 months. The value of his expertise and work far exceeded my expectations.

I continue working with Matthew as he is a professional who delivers results and makes the whole process easy so I can focus on running Graze.

Anelia Belogay, CEO of Graze.link

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